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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Forget Resolutions, I’m getting real

Well here I am still technically unemployed and still smiling at least.   I have to say I have received some really great words of encouragement and love.  It’s wonderful to know that I have people who have my back.  The job market in this town just isn’t very promising at this point though.  I have applied for EI and hopefully will have that as a go to if needed.  It still won’t be enough to fuel my life but hey its better than borrowing or hooking!  (My aunt loves it when I say that).  I have decided that I am willing to relocate if need be and maybe that’s not a bad thing.  Halifax could be a viable option especially with the music scene there!  We will see what unfolds.

 So how are my new years resolutions going?  Well not really going well but starting a few things.  I honestly haven’t even made New Years Resolutions in years but this year I decided to and Im not sure why.  Sunday, as per my lose 50lbs resolution I did track my food so I have one point there AND I did take my kids swimming so another point on the exercise front.  I didn’t stay within my calorie limit but Im not going to be too hard on myself since I did more good than bad!  Two steps forward one step back sometimes.  I didn't write it but I love Holly McNarland and the message is how I feel.

Dating resolution, well I’ve since had 2 dates but one was delayed so it ended up happening in the new year plus he was too cute to pass up and the other was more of a chill and watch movies.  See the thing is that I'm a social butterfly and I like having company and whatnot.  I really did think it would be easy to just not date haha..  I think it’s just a matter of getting into the mindset where I am exicuting my intentions in music, health and live so when someone is meant to come into my life they will.  That or I’ll date and have fun again ether way I have to let it flow but not until I do get back on track with the things that really matter.  So here is a video I really love that reflects how I feel.  “I hate to be alone sometimes, but sometimes alones just fine”  

I read the DIY newsletter sent out by Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder Records and when I have the time I’ll listen to the podcast too.  MusicBiz Weekly Podcast #91 - Back to Basics: Prepping for Future Success with Michale Brandvold. There were a few things that hit home like not setting goals but setting intentions, breaking it down and being realistic but not limiting yourself.  I’ve decided to throw my “resolutions “out the window and really focus on where I want to be this time next year.  This is not a resolution it’s more of a way of life.  I think I got overwhelmed because I failed to chunk it down but after listining to Brian and Michael I have been inspired.

Set your intentions and believe!



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