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Friday, December 28, 2012

Resolutions that rock. Im ready for 2013!

I am taking a few moments to blog since I am at my moms and it is finally quiet!  I want to reflect on 2012 and yes it was another one for the books.  I think I say that every year but really this past year was a very good one.  I made some really amazing changes in my life at the end of 2011 that carried though to this past year.  The lessons I learned and people I have met this year are ones that will be with me throughout my life.  That’s the kind of person I am though, I take it all as lessons and look at the positive aspects of anything that happens. 

High points:
  • Getting a grant to record an album in 2013 from the province of NB
  • Playing at the ECMA’s and Music NB, Dooryard Arts and many festivals with my band!
  • Cutting my hair off
  • Running 5k
  • Being more happy with myself then ever
  • Seeing the amazing support from my family and friends
  • Getting fired! (Seriously it was a great thing)
  • Meeting so many amazing people
I’m actually really happy with this past year but realize that there is and always will be something to work on. The last few months I feel like I’ve been off and this is the perfect time of year to rejuvenate and get a refreshed outlook on my life goals and just continuing to follow the paths that will lead me to reaching them.

Resolutions for 2013:
  • Reach my weight loss goal of 150lbs by August 20, 2013 at 8:00am!
  • Break my procrastination issue
  • Manage my time better by scheduling activities
  • Mange my money better and follow a budget more diligently
  • Not dating from Jan 1, 2013 until I reach my weight loss goal (this was my facebook status epiphany  ;P)
  • Run 3-5 times a week (not for weight loss but for me)
  • Become more proactive not reactive with my kids
  • Execute my marketing pan for the album fully
  • Make it to Toronto for a visit and also gig there
I seriously am going to take a break from the dating world (sorry Jasmine!) because as fun as it is I need some more me time. I will be sad not to make it into Jasmines blog for a while though haha. We have such fun together but its only until I reach my weight loss goal.  It’s amazing though the guys that I have met and friendships I’ve made though so I can’t stay its bad it’s just distracting me from other things.  Also to be honest since I’ve lost weight its shocked me the people who approach me....its cool I just wonder what I will attract when I get to the other part of this journey.  I know that looks shouldn’t matter but really I’m not gonna lie, they do.  It’s one part physical and the other confidence though really.  I think I’m still single mainly because I’m not ready to be with anyone while I still have work to do.  It’s like sitting down to dinner with everything not quite cooked…it still looks ok but would be better if you waited.  Haha that’s my analogy!
Plus I have so much writing left to do and to work on my album I don’t need men mucking up my mind since I have enough material for a few albums gotta get it all out.  I don’t love easy and when I fall, I fall hard so I better just tuck that away till the time is right. I’ve already had my share of heartbreak this year and really I’m grateful for it.  Recently fell for someone who was completely wrong for me anyway but we had such an amazing time together. I mean he is a musician, he made me laugh constantly, we wrote some music, he was so sexy ugg…it was hard not to develop feelings.  I got the ole “We can only be friends” message and from that point realized…ok I’ve had enough. I have a few dates left before New Year’s and I’m going to have fun and then after that.  It’s me time :)
I’m also going to start off the New Year with my Free Week of Yoga from Nirvana that Jonas gave me. I have eaten there a million times but never did yoga in his studio so I am super excited.  It’s a beautiful place and has the most amazing energy so if you get a chance go check it out too!  You get a free bliss ball on your first visit too YUM!
I am wishing you the best for 2013 because no matter what happens it’s a new year.  We can make it what we want right!
Much love,

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