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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh my Gornish!

Well hello there,
Oh my gornish I can’t believe we are almost though November!  (No that wasn’t a typo it's just the new omg  :P).  Christmas is less than four weeks away. I have been without a home computer for the past month and only using my parents since mine was broken.  I did get a new phone that helps me keep in touch with my super awesome social networks (I'm so addicted to Instagram!!) Typing on it is not as easy as having a good ole keyboard so I'm working from the rents tonight.

So if you haven’t been following on FB I’ll give you a JR update.  I am not working a full time job anymore and it’s fantastic.  I’ve had the liberty to work on my music even more and making the financial adjustments as they come. It’s wild because I didn’t think I’d be happy taking a part time job but I think its going to be ok.  Well if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t and I find something else although I’m hoping to pick up more gigs to supplement and so far they have been popping up on me.  I haven’t even been booking and people are approaching me.  I love the momentum I have built so just imagine what I can do with more time to focus on the business aspect of my growing musical career?? 

So what about my love life haha oh yeah that schmozle!  Gives me so much material to write about and you know what...I love it.  I recently posted on FB about being single for over 2 years and my family thinks I’m fussy and had quite a few interesting comments.  Truth is part of it is my choice and the other is possibly someone else’s.  In the past year I have dated a lot of guys…like I lost count.  Out of all those fish in the sea I had nibbles from there have been 3 people in particular who I have developed strong feelings for. One moved away and now is dating someone else who he describes as “amazing” (pheft she’s not me haha.)  Another is a very good friend who drives me crazy but I love dearly and the other is someone who I am just getting to know and is one of the most amazing people I have ever met (so it scary haha).  For a little while felt like I was going to burst BUT maybe its timing or it wasn't meant to be so I’m just going to have to learn how to let things flow.  I’ve shed some tears but again it’s been really inspirational for songwriting.  I don’t want to jump into something just for the sake of having someone.  I’m happy and being a musician I’m busy so the person who wants to roll with me better be ready for that too.  So for now I carry and I have some other important things to focus on!

I am starting pre-production for my album on December 12th and can’t wait.  I have most of the songs ready to present to my producer and am very excited to really dig into this project.  I will be sure to keep you in the loop so please connect with me via facebook  for real time updates or on any of my other social networks like twitter and instagram, too.  Just a heads up I will be starting a fan funding campaign in the New Year to help finish the album since even though I did get a grant it wasn’t enough to complete everything.  It's going to be a rocking campaign with lots of great items and JR/JRB performances to get in return for your contribution.
  • Nov 29th @ Fusion Nightlife at 10 PM with Shawn William Clarke, Aaron Mangoff and Chris Thompson. Check out their music here and enjoy a free download:
  • Dec 7 @ Plan B at 10 PM in Moncton with Andrew Hunter & the Gatherers (Love love love playing with these guys)
  • Dec 9 @ the Delta at 7 PM performing for Psycic Medium Michelle Russell’s “Healing Communities”
  • December 16th @ Boyce Farmers Market at 12pm (Singing some JR and Christmas tunes)
That’s all for now and I just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate you being a part of this with me.  I hope to see you soon at a show but if we are far away from one another poke me or something on FB hahaha!
Much love to you all! 


  1. "One moved away and now is dating someone else who he describes as “amazing” (pheft she’s not me haha.)"

    Wow, pretty full of yourself, hmmm?


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