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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May - Today be full of MUSIC

Well it’s the first of May and what does that mean?  Are we gonna get some flowers from those April showers…well no matter what they will pop up. For me it means music starts to really get busy and  I love it.  Being on stage playing music for you fuels my soul.  This year I have been booked for a couple of festivals that I am really excited about.  They are the Dooryard Arts Festival that takes place in Woodstock.  It is in its 4th year.  It is part of The River Valley Arts Alliance (RiVA) and celebrates local talent of all types and takes place in mid August.  FreedomFest in St. Stephen  also in August is a brand new festival but has some really fantastic acts on the bill like Kendra Gale Band, Ben Caplan, Slowcoaster and Lovestorm to name a few.  Then I’ll be doing RiverJam for the 4th year and this one is really special to me because the proceeds go to Music in Schools so I couldn’t be happier to help to raise money to encourage young talent to grow.  They put the band in the Main Ballroom this year and I can’t wait.  

This Friday I will be singing the National Anthem at a charity hockey game between the Police dept. and Fire Dept and couldn’t be more honored that they would ask me to do it. I might feel kind of naked with just my voice and a microphone haha!  Really though I’ve always wanted to sing anthem at a hockey game so here’s my shot!   

I’m doing something a little different this month too.  I’ll be in SJ May 24th for a Bruce Springsteen acoustic Tribute show at the Somerset Pub along with Clinton Charlton and co.  Its going to be fun and will pump some people up for seeing the Boss this summer.  Doing things like this helps me grow a little more as a songwriter by moving out of my comfort zone a bit.  This man has had an amazing career with 17 studio albums and he’s a stellar songwriter..they don’t call him the boss for nothing! 

Im still working away on songs for my follow up album and a lot of the planning is already done for it but I’m not even going to talk about a release date until I have more things confirmed.  Just so you  know that wheels are turning and I don’t want to hype it up too much but..its going to be awesome.  You will have to make it to some shows to get a taste of the new songs until I can get it in your hands and on your computers, iPods and such.  I love it when I see you guys out to shows and really encourage you to get to as much live local music as you can.  Not just to see me but because there are lots of gems out there that will delight you and steel your heart. Trust me you will be glad you did. 

This was your May update to let you in on some summer excitement and put you in the know.  I have more gigs to list too and I’ll be sending out an email with a more official schedule soon.

Peace Love and Rock & Roll (Stolen from Jenn Seeley)

<3 Jaclyn

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