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Monday, May 21, 2012

If my life were a movie….er wait…

Well today is Victoria day and a few years ago I’d still be out camping with my friends and enjoying the weekend over beer, fires and music.  This year, well I’m chilling out at my parents house watching Days of our Lives.  This is a show I use to watch religiously when I wasn't working full time and since I've been back to work I'm catching up on the drama.  Makes me feel like my life is pretty level sometimes…although I have my own share of happenings that could easily fit into a TV show or movie.  I've always said when interesting things happen to me “If I ever make a movie of my life, this scene is going in it”.  Recently I had a bit happen to me that would make the script because I'm left in a little bit of love limbo :(. Hold on...actually it just hit me…I don’t need a movie because duh…Im a songwriter……if you listen to my music you know that my lyrics come from my real life experiences.  I am very open and honest so along with being so deeply connected with music I guess it just makes sense that I am a songwriter…. I’m rarely left looking for material.  Just when I think things are level…life throws me something worth writing about. Hopefully soon it gives me something like say I don’t know….love to write about…not failed love attempts and lost chances….oh I know it will someday when I’m ready but for now I have enough to keep me going especially for the new album.

Now lets talk about summer time! The beautiful weather is upon us and that means lots of shows!  I’ll be performing some new festivals this year along with some of my regular summer spots.  For the first time I’ll be in Halifax June 2nd and I’m really looking forward to growing in that area. I’ll be with Ian Gosbee, a local songwriter from the area, at Freemans on Quinpool doing an afternoon show from 2-6pm.  A very laid back acoustic show where you can come in for a bite and enjoy a drink while we entertain you. 

Also another interesting show I’ll be playing is a Bruce Sprinsteen cover show at Somerset Pub in SJ on Thursday May 24th so if you are in the area come see me along with Clinton Charlton & Co for a pre Boss kickoff.  Keep up on all of my shows by being a fan on facebook

I recently had a new photo shoot with He did a great job and I’m looking forward to giving them to my graphic artist to complete some JR branding material.  I had my makeup done for the outdoor shots by Made You Blush Fredericton and I la la la loved it! My makeup was done by Made You Blush in Fredericton.  I love getting it done by a pro it always looks great when they fix up my face.  They also have the best products and will help you find the right fit.  I use the Pro-Derm face wash and it has really helped my complexion too!  Check it out here on facebook or visit 

Emily Brawley owner of MYB and me
If you’ve been following me for a while you would know that I’ve lost just over 60 lbs since last summer and I’m feeling much better. I just want to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family who take the time to tell me what a good job I've done and how good I look.  I really really appreciate it.  I had to make some big changes in my life and that was one of them.  I still have a ways to go but I’m celebrating my successes and keeping on my path to a better me for sure.  One tool that I’ve used that has been awesome is and Derek was the one who introduced me to it.  He’s also done really, really well with his health and has been an inspiration to me.  I’ll post some pics soon for you to check out. 

Well I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and are rested and rejuvenated for the coming short week. 

Much love,


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