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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Horizontal Report

So I'm laying on the couch and relaxing watching the Food network...Bobby Flay actually whom I've had crush on for years.  He never returns my calls though.   sigh....anyway I'm writing since its been far too long since I blogged and though why not. 

I had a great to see all sorts of people I haven't seen in far too long. One of my best friends got married and it was a great wedding.  Very simple and felt like something from the 1800's.  It was about two people who match so well sharing their life and love with friends and family.  No parade just sweet and real.  I loved it! Us brides maids carried wild flower bouquets and the ceremony was about connecting the two lives not people. It was inspiring and made me think about love.  I'm currently single and not looking too hard for someone but dating a bit...but these two just found each-other as if they were brought together just when it was suppose to happen.  They share the same passions, are very like minded and encouraging, no nonsense kind of people and I admire them so much. I look at them and think how lucky they are to have what they have and it warms my heart. I think sometimes we look so hard for something like this and end up spinning our wheels because we get in a rush to find "the one".  I was married before and even though I loved my husband...I just knew he wasn't the one. I'm in no hurry to find someone anyway so letting things unfold will be interesting. 

Onto some music stuff....well I have a few more summer gigs coming up that you should know about. This Wednesday we are testing out our new guitarist Grant at Dolan's Pub for the Wednesday night Jam.  We are kicking off the night.  Then I'm performing at the Miss Nackawic Pageant on Friday night and excited to have been asked to be a apart of it.  Funny a little known fact about me is that I was actually in that pageant in High School!  Yeah my friend Jennifer signed me and Rebecca up and when we were called to come in we were confused but went with it and it was really a great experience.  We got to know some of the other girls better and do something that was out of our comfort zone and I'm glad that I did.  Even though I totally screwed up in one of my questions and think I might have said "oh shit" in the mic....I'd love to see that video haha. Ah I didn't win BTW but hey it was fun!

Then there is Freedom Fest at the Farm in Basswood Ridge on Sunday and I'm back on the Boarwalk in SJ on Monday evening for NB's Got Talent (Not a contest just a series)

Running update is that there is none..I haven't ran for three weeks and really want to get back into it.  I had strep throat for a bit and then in the middle of a root canal and it seemed to take alot out of me.  Now I'm feeling better and going to try and get out next week.

Until next time be well and know that I appreciate all that you do to support me and love that you read what I had to say.

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