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Monday, July 19, 2010

JR Album update July!

Like I’ve said before my life keeps me on my toes. Change always makes me reevaluate and gauge how far I am from where I want to be. The good thing is that it gives me lots of material to write about and I’ve been writing quite a bit lately. That’s why I have decided to name the album “Favorite Mistakes” because that’s what has shaped this album. I take chances, follow my heart, learn and have had paths become clearer to me. I’m not afraid to strive for success and make mistakes along the way so it’s brought me where I am today. I look forward to discovering more great experiences and I continue marvel in all my blunder and triumph Yeah! Got to get this album going first but I think number two is going to be full of exciting new material!

To the studio we go! I am looking forward to getting these tracks laid down because are so happy with the songs and finally feel finished. Friday we will be our first session with Mastertracks (Outreach Productions). I feel so fortunate to have finally found the right mix of musicians to work with and on top of that we have a great feel and connection that I am sure will shine though on this 6 song album! Everything should be ready to be released by mid September and when I have an exact date I’ll send it out. (It will be shortly after Harvest though!) I am really thinking of setting up a pre-order too and it wasn’t a route I was going to take but I’ve had some requests and although I don’t mind taking money, I need to find out more about that the set up so again I’ll keep you posted.

I have many people who offer great advice and help me on a daily basis and it’s not a fluke because I strive to surround myself with great people. Thank you all so much for reading and keeping up on my musical adventures. Knowing that I have friends and fans like you that show your support means a lot to me.

So much love <3


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