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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My life keeps me on my toes

Well it’s been a while since I blogged here so I thought I’d give an official update to those of you who enjoy reading my blog. I think you are fantastic for doing so!

Over the last few weeks things have really presented themselves to me regarding my path as an artist. I finally had the five songs I have been working on with my band put into demos and that was great. It gave me a real snapshot of where the songs are and where they should go. I really love them and I can’t wait to get into the studio for the real thing.

For any of you who have been keeping up on me well I know there have been some ups and downs. I think they call that life and as much as I wish I had all the answers I don’t so I go along and adjust as needed. This week certainly brought about some changes in my musical pursuits. I had a meeting with a potential manger that went really well and got my head spinning quite nicely in the right direction. I have been a sponge over the last few months learning more about the industry, where I want to go, where I fit best, who I need around me and how to achieve that. Believe me its like my head is a basket ball for the Harlem Globe trotters some times but I love it! Everything that happens is experience and learning.

I’m down one guitarist and one drummer……seems like a major part of a band BUT it opened up a practice night so I can bring on the keyboardist that I’ve wanted to add! I’ve already got some opportunities on a new drummer and lead guitarist for performing live. I did have a lot of fun playing with the other guys but we all have our own paths and we came to a cross road where we needed to part ways. I wish them well in all they do and thank them for all their time and work they did.

So I’ve also bought a nice little Boss Micro BR so I’ll have it when I’m feeling inspired and it will be an absolute gem when it comes to recording our rehearsals and shows. Tony’s Music Box is the place to shop! they have some really great deals on right now.

Well thanks for reading ya’ll!

Be well and stay tuned ;)


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