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Monday, August 22, 2011

The cats still in the bag!

Well its Monday, August 22 and while yesterday seemed hot enough to fry eggs on car hoods while today is wet and dreary.  I have no energy and I’m eating the worst lunch ever haha.  I’m a happy person so none of that really bothers me, Im just sayin. I've spent all day going between the computer and cleaning...but I still feel bored so I'm blogging!

The JRB has some really cool things happening. Recently we received two pieces of exciting music news and I just can’t tell you yet!  In the next few days, we will be letting the cat out of the bag so stay tuned!  (Its driving me nuts!)

While you are waiting for us to spill the beans, you can see my Brush of Hope artwork photo album. :)  I took some pics of the process with my crappy phone cam.  (I need to upgrade ASAP…iPhone maybe?) Anyway here is the link so enjoy! Brush of Hope Artwork 2011.

I’ll post the finished picture after I submit it to the Kidney Foundation.  

Love ya’s, 


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